What we do

QDEGA offers fully customizable mobile marketing solutions with a strong focus on loyalty, promotions and mobile payments.


Loyal customers buy more frequently and spend more per purchase. At the same time, they act as brand ambassadors and require substantially less advertising investments. This allows you to be more effective and focus a greater part of your time and budget on acquiring new customer. So customer loyalty truly is the pinnacle of profitable B2C relationships.


Whether you – or your clients – operate a small hospitality business, a global FMCG brand, a retail chain or a franchise company, QDEGA lets you roll out a powerful card- or smartphone-based customer loyalty rewards program with minimal cost and effort.


We provide ready to use mobile apps and web interfaces that can be custom branded to your needs. But we can also provide access to our secure, high performance APIs, so our services can easily integrate into virtually any existing POS system, mobile app or website.


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Laptop showing a dashboard


We can also help you with in-store or on-package promotions. On average, our promotions generate engagement rates that are 2x to 5x higher than most regular promotion campaigns.


Our platform generates highly granular purchase and contact data – so you can analyze exactly who buys what, where and when. You can add any number of individual locations to add even more detail to your data. QDEGA also enables you to export all generated data to analyze and use it with your existing analytics software, such as Excel, SAP or Oracle.


Of course your data only belongs to you and we will never share it with anybody else but you. Our services are regulated by German and European data security and privacy laws – this means that we adhere to some of the highest standards globally.


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Mobile Payments

The monetary exchange is arguably the most vital part of the relationship between you and your customers. So making payments easier and more convenient for your customers has a major positive impact on your bottom line.


The problem is that most payment solutions such as credit cards charge steep transaction fees to the businesses accepting them, thus painfully cutting into your margin. What’s more is that credit card payments take anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks to actually appear in your account, so your business is constantly left waiting for the arrival of funds.


With QDEGA you can offer your customers an alternative payment solution that charges no transaction fees. In addition, your customers can use either physical cards or pay with their mobile device for additional convenience. Last but not least, your customers’ payments arrive in your account instantaneously, there are no waiting periods whatsoever.


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