What we do

QDEGA offers fully customizable mobile marketing solutions with a strong focus on loyalty, promotions and mobile payments.


Loyal cust­o­m­ers buy more fre­quently and spend more per purchase. At the same time, they act as brand am­bas­sa­dors and re­quire sub­stan­ti­ally less ad­ver­ti­sing in­vest­ments. This al­lows you to be more ef­fec­tive and fo­cus a grea­ter part of your time and bud­get on ac­qui­ring new cust­o­mer. So cust­o­mer loyalty truly is the pin­na­cle of pro­fi­ta­ble B2C re­la­ti­ons­hips.


Whe­ther you – or your cli­ents – ope­rate a small hos­pi­ta­lity busi­ness, a glo­bal FMCG brand, a re­tail chain or a fran­chise com­pany, QDEGA lets you roll out a power­ful card- or smart­phone-ba­sed cust­o­mer loyalty re­wards pro­gram with mi­ni­mal cost and ef­fort.


We pro­vide re­ady to use mo­bile apps and web in­ter­faces that can be custom bran­ded to your needs. But we can also pro­vide ac­cess to our se­cure, high per­for­mance APIs, so our ser­vices can ea­sily in­te­grate into vir­tually any exis­ting POS sys­tem, mo­bile app or web­site.


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We can also help you with in-store or on-package pro­mo­ti­ons. On aver­age, our pro­mo­ti­ons ge­ne­rate en­ga­ge­ment ra­tes that are 2x to 5x hig­her than most re­gu­lar pro­mo­tion cam­pai­gns.


Our plat­form ge­ne­ra­tes highly gra­nu­lar purchase and con­tact data – so you can ana­lyze ex­actly who buys what, where and when. You can add any num­ber of in­di­vi­dual lo­ca­ti­ons to add even more de­tail to your data. QDEGA also enables you to ex­port all ge­ne­ra­ted data to ana­lyze and use it with your exis­ting ana­lytics soft­ware, such as Ex­cel, SAP or Ora­cle.


Of course your data only be­longs to you and we will ne­ver share it with any­body else but you. Our ser­vices are re­gu­la­ted by Ger­man and Eu­ro­pean data se­cu­rity and pri­vacy laws – this me­ans that we ad­here to some of the hig­hest stan­dards glo­bally.


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Mobile Payments

The mo­ne­tary ex­ch­ange is ar­gu­ably the most vi­tal part of the re­la­ti­ons­hip bet­ween you and your cust­o­m­ers. So ma­king pay­ments ea­sier and more con­ve­ni­ent for your cust­o­m­ers has a ma­jor po­si­tive im­pact on your bot­tom line.


The pro­blem is that most pay­ment so­lu­ti­ons such as credit cards charge steep tran­sac­tion fees to the busi­nes­ses ac­cep­t­ing them, thus pain­f­ully cut­ting into your mar­gin. What’s more is that credit card pay­ments take anyw­here from a cou­ple of days to se­veral weeks to ac­tually ap­pear in your ac­count, so your busi­ness is con­stantly left waiting for the ar­ri­val of funds.


With QDEGA you can of­fer your cust­o­m­ers an al­ter­na­tive pay­ment so­lu­tion that char­ges no tran­sac­tion fees. In ad­di­tion, your cust­o­m­ers can use eit­her phy­si­cal cards or pay with their mo­bile de­vice for ad­di­tio­nal con­ve­ni­ence. Last but not least, your cust­o­m­ers’ pay­ments ar­rive in your ac­count in­stan­ta­neously, there are no waiting pe­ri­ods whatsoe­ver.


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