Smart marketing solutions

Customer Loyalty

Loyalty is at the heart of any mutually beneficial relationship. This is true in personal life as well as in B2C relationships. QDEGA provides the marketing tools to analyze, nurture and strengthen the bond between businesses and their customers.


Sometimes you want to give your customers a little extra. Maybe you want to get the word out about something new or you want to re-ignite the buzz. We provide the right tools to rub your customers the right way and create lasting engagement.

Mobile Payments

Let’s face it. At the end of a successful transaction there has to be a monetary exchange. The question is how this transaction is facilitated. QDEGA lets you accept your mobile payments – safe, straight out of the box and highly customizable.


The key to lasting relationships.

Fields of use


QDEGA enables brands to conduct loyalty reward campaigns, promotions, and sweepstakes. We generally provide the brand with the entire backend infrastructure to deploy, run and analyze these activities. If required we can integrate our services into existing services, such as mobile apps, websites or online shops to create a smooth and seamless experience for the consumer.

Retail & Hospitality

QDEGA provides card- and smartphone-based payment and loyalty rewards solutions for retailers and hospitality businesses. Our services can be integrated and deployed much more rapidly and at a fraction of the cost of conventional systems. Furthermore, we generally do not charge our customers any transaction fees, which makes our services much more cost-efficient to operate.

Custom Solutions

Our solutions as well as our company itself is extremely flexible. We love working together with our clients to customize our existing services to fit the specific needs of your business. Examples of customized solutions include access management for events or integrations into POS systems and online shopping systems.

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Creating awareness and sales.

How we work


We believe that marketing has to undergo a continuous innovation cycle to remain relevant and effective. We practice this believe every day and constantly create new marketing solutions that our partners and clients can flexibly combine and customize.


QDEGA eliminates the guess work in your marketing. All our products and services are designed to create deep customer insights and provide absolute transparency for our clients.


Any given investment has to yield a positive return. Predicting the ROI in marketing however, has always been a bit fuzzy. Our solutions are innately designed to make the planning, execution and analysis of your campaigns fully transparent.


We provide a number of readily available loyalty, promotion and payment solutions. These modules can be freely combined with one another, customized and easily integrated into existing client-side mobile apps and websites.

Mobile Payments.

Increasing revenue and cash-flow.