With QDEGA, you generate and manage digital – and thus tamper-proof and measurable – gift vouchers. Vouchers can be used as a stand-alone solution for individual stores or as cross-business systems to strengthen the local economy.

Gift vouchers generate predictable sales even before you give out a product or service. In addition, gift vouchers attract new customers who either did not know your business or had not previously planned to shop with you. In addition, experience has shown that approx. 15-30% of all gift vouchers are never redeemed – this results in a significant increase in sales for you.


We offer a comprehensive system for the creation, use and management of customer cards. QDEGA customer cards can be used both in traditional form as a plastic card or as a smartphone app. The functional scope of your respective solution can be freely put together from our entire product portfolio. For example, your customers can collect loyalty points and cashbacks and make cashless payments.


Gift vouchers are considered as tax-exempt “non-cash benefits” in Section 8 (2) of the German Income Tax Act (EStG).

Non-cash benefits are tax-privileged benefits from the employer that are not paid out to the employee in cash. Gift vouchers are fully exempt from any taxes and social security contributions up to a limit of 44 EUR per month for both the employer and the employee.

With QDEGA, you can therefore grant your employees tax-free benefits in addition to their salary. QDEGA also offers the advantage that you can precisely determine the acceptance points for your gift vouchers and narrow them down as necessary. You are not only doing your employees a favor, but also supporting the local or regional economy at your company’s location at the same time.


With QDEGA you can use your traditional stamp card (e.g. “Every 10th coffee is on the house”) with a contemporary smartphone app. This will modernize your customer loyalty measures and your customers will no longer have to carry paper or cardboard cards.


QDEGA promotion campaigns allow you to increase the sales of your products in a short term and measurable way. Whether it’s a giveaway, raffle or trade promotion – we have the right solution for all of your requirements with our comprehensive systems.

We can create any amount of alphanumeric numeric codes or QR codes for you. QDEGA can create and manage millions of codes. The end consumer enters these codes via a website or scans the QR codes with their smartphone. Our system will then – depending on your requirements – immediately issue a win notification or first require the user to enter their contact details.


With QDEGA, you can credit your customers loyalty points for each purchase or based on the purchase value. These points can then be redeemed for predetermined rewards – such as QDEGA shopping vouchers. This way, you actively strengthen customer loyalty and give your customers a psychological incentive to buy from you more regularly.


Give your customers cashback credits instead of traditional discounts – these can only be redeemed at your store. On the one hand, this strengthens customer loyalty, and on the other hand, you can make sure that any discounts will not be spent with your competitors, but with you.

Mobile Payments

Cashless payments via your own customer card or smartphone app have many advantages for both you and your customers. Whether in stationary retail, in restaurants, hotels and the leisure sector – with QDEGA, you can minimize cash loss, reduce your transaction costs and simplify your accounting.


With raffles and giveaways, you can create selective sales incentives and give your customers a raffle ticket for each purchase, for example. The big advantage for you is that you know exactly how many rewards you will be distributing before the start of each raffle and can therefore calculate the budget in advance.

QDEGA enables easy creation, execution and management of raffles and giveaways. With QDEGA, you can run raffles and giveaways via QR codes or alphanumeric codes and offer them via smartphone apps or through your website.


Using our dashboard or data cockpit, you can create text messages and send them to your customers as push notifications. For example, you can inform your customers about upcoming events and current promotions. You will not incur any additional costs by sending push notifications.


“Big Data” is not just a passing trend but enables you to run your business in a more efficient and intelligent way. The extensive customer and sales data collected with QDEGA therefore is an enormous added value for you and your company. For the management of this data, we provide a dashboard or data cockpit for all QDEGA products, which you can use to evaluate the collected data in a variety of ways and visualize it in a meaningful way.


All QDEGA products and features can be freely combined depending on your requirements. For example, you can offer a customer card that allows your customers to both earn loyalty points and receive cashback credits, make cashless payments, and enter your giveaways and raffles. These features can be integrated into your existing websites and smartphone apps or offered in a new solution created by us, depending on your requirements.


With QDEGA, the focus is on you and your customers. Therefore, if required, we provide all our products with your individual branding.


All QDEGA features can be integrated into a wide range of existing system landscapes. This allows you to offer your customers extensive extra services without having to replace or rebuild your existing systems.

A few examples of possible system integrations include:

  • Your existing smartphone apps and websites
  • Cash register or POS systems
  • Electronic access systems
  • Parking garages and on-street parking machines


QDEGA Loyalty Solutions GmbH is fully subject to German and European data protection regulations. Furthermore, we are committed to exclusively hosting all data generated within our products in TÜV-tested and certified German data centers. In addition, it goes without saying for us that the data generated on behalf of a respective customer solely belongs to that respective customer and can be exported and further processed by the customer at any time.


If, despite our detailed product descriptions, you have not found the features you are looking for, we will be happy to work with you in order to plan an individual solution. We can then implement it for you across all platforms or advise you on its implementation. Feel free to contact us to start a dialogue.