Use Cases

Loyalty & Mobile Payments: City of Bensberg (PPP)

Bensberg is a suburb of Bergisch Gladbach, approximately 15km east of the regional metropolis of Cologne, Germany. As many other cities, local businesses in Bensberg feel a strong and ever-increasing competition from e-commerce as well as from a large city nearby.


To strengthen the community’s economy and encourage local spending, QDEGA provides a 360-degree shopping experience. In an exclusive partnership with the local retail- and business-association, QDEGA deployed its state-of-art customer loyalty rewards program and mobile payments solution.


The deployed platform works with a physical customer card (“BensbergCard”) as well as with an accompanying mobile application. Both of which can be used by residents to conduct payments and collect loyalty reward points at the local businesses. On the one hand, this makes the shopping experience in Bensberg more convenient and on the other hand, residents are actively rewarded for their support of the local economy.


The platform that is now rolled out in Bensberg will also be deployed to several other communities. It may also be deployed at shopping malls, sports stadiums and other market places that what to increase the spending frequency and value per purchase of their customers.

Sales Promotion: Fisherman’s Friend (FMCG)

Fisherman’s Friend, is one of the world’s leading consumer brands in the candy category. The iconic mints are sold in more than 100 countries globally, with Germany being the brand’s largest market.


On-pack promotions and sweepstakes are regular parts of Fisherman’s marketing mix. In the past, such promotions were usually conducted with alpha-numeric codes printed onto the packaging. The consumer could redeem these codes via their computer to see if they had picked a winning code. As with other such campaigns however, the participation rates in these promotions were relatively low and declining further.


QDEGA was asked to replace the traditional alpha-numeric codes with QR codes on 650.000 packages of Fisherman’s Friend. The consumer could conveniently scan these codes directly with their Smartphone instead of entering a cryptic code into their computer. By scanning the code, the consumer would then be forwarded to a mobile website with an API integration into the QDEGA backend. The mobile website would inform the consumer as to whether they had won anything and what their prize was.


Furthermore, consumers could collect loyalty reward points from multiple QR codes and redeem these points for merchandise with a total value of 250.000€. This was done via a dedicated online shop, which again had a full API integration into the QDEGA backend, to read and redeem the consumer’s reward points.


This convenient and mobile implementation resulted in a 5x higher participation rate as compared to the company’s previous alpha-numeric campaigns. In addition, QDEGA provided a client-facing dashboard to evaluate and analyze the ongoing campaign in real-time. This allows brand managers to adapt their media strategy much more rapidly and and efficiently than with traditional market research data.

Loyalty: Hausmann’s Restaurant (SME)

Hausmann’s is a small restaurant in Cologne, Germany with about 15 seats, serving only lunch. As most small hospitality businesses, Hausmann’s relies strongly on its regular customers. Of course the most crucial way of building a loyal following is to serve great food but with strong and diverse competition, Hausmann’s wanted to offer its customers something extra.


The initial choice was a traditional stamp card that granted guests a free meal on every 10th visit. For the young and tech savvy crowd, usually visiting the restaurant, this concept was only a partial success. Many patrons regularly lost their stamp cards or forgot to present it to their waiter before rushing back to their workplace.


QDEGA’s loyalty program provided a simple and effective solution for Hausmann’s: Rather than issuing stamp cards, the restaurant started placing displays with QR codes on each table. The guests were actively invited to download the QDEGA app to their mobile devices and scan the QR codes to collect loyalty points. The table displays provided an ongoing reminder of the loyalty program and guests could scan the QR codes at their own convenience while having lunch.