Use Cases

Loyalty & Mobile Payments: City of Bensberg (PPP)

Bens­berg is a sub­urb of Ber­gisch Glad­bach, ap­pro­xi­mately 15km east of the re­gio­nal me­tro­po­lis of Co­lo­gne, Ger­many. As many other ci­ties, lo­cal busi­nes­ses in Bens­berg feel a strong and ever-in­crea­sing com­pe­ti­tion from e-com­merce as well as from a large city nearby.


To streng­t­hen the community’s eco­nomy and en­cou­rage lo­cal spen­ding, QDEGA pro­vi­des a 360-de­gree shop­ping ex­pe­ri­ence. In an ex­clu­sive part­nership with the lo­cal re­tail- and busi­ness-as­so­cia­tion, QDEGA de­ployed its state-of-art custo­mer loyalty re­wards pro­gram and mo­bile payments solution.


The de­ployed plat­form works with a phy­si­cal custo­mer card (“Bens­berg­Card”) as well as with an ac­com­pany­ing mo­bile ap­p­li­ca­tion. Both of which can be used by re­si­dents to con­duct payments and collect loyalty re­ward points at the lo­cal busi­nes­ses. On the one hand, this makes the shop­ping ex­pe­ri­ence in Bens­berg more con­ve­ni­ent and on the other hand, re­si­dents are ac­tively re­war­ded for their sup­port of the lo­cal economy.


The plat­form that is now rol­led out in Bens­berg will also be de­ployed to several other com­mu­nities. It may also be de­ployed at shop­ping malls, sports sta­di­ums and other mar­ket pla­ces that what to in­crease the spen­ding fre­quency and va­lue per purchase of their custo­mers.

Sales Promotion: Fisherman’s Friend (FMCG)

Fisherman’s Fri­end, is one of the world’s lea­ding con­su­mer brands in the candy ca­te­gory. The ico­nic mints are sold in more than 100 coun­tries glo­bally, with Ger­many being the brand’s lar­gest market.


On-pack pro­mo­ti­ons and sweep­sta­kes are re­gu­lar parts of Fisherman’s mar­ke­ting mix. In the past, such pro­mo­ti­ons were usually con­duc­ted with al­pha-nu­me­ric codes prin­ted onto the pa­cka­ging. The con­su­mer could redeem these codes via their com­pu­ter to see if they had pi­cked a win­ning code. As with other such cam­pai­gns howe­ver, the par­ti­ci­pa­tion ra­tes in these pro­mo­ti­ons were re­la­tively low and de­cli­ning further.


QDEGA was as­ked to re­place the tra­di­tio­nal al­pha-nu­me­ric codes with QR codes on 650.000 pa­cka­ges of Fisherman’s Fri­end. The con­su­mer could con­ve­ni­ently scan these codes di­rectly with their Smart­phone in­s­tead of en­t­e­ring a cryp­tic code into their com­pu­ter. By scan­ning the code, the con­su­mer would then be for­war­ded to a mo­bile web­site with an API in­te­gra­tion into the QDEGA ba­ckend. The mo­bile web­site would in­form the con­su­mer as to whe­ther they had won any­thing and what their prize was.


Fur­ther­more, con­su­mers could collect loyalty re­ward points from mul­ti­ple QR codes and redeem these points for mer­chan­dise with a to­tal va­lue of 250.000€. This was done via a de­di­ca­ted on­line shop, which again had a full API in­te­gra­tion into the QDEGA ba­ckend, to read and redeem the consumer’s re­ward points.


This con­ve­ni­ent and mo­bile im­ple­men­ta­tion re­sul­ted in a 5x hig­her par­ti­ci­pa­tion rate as com­pa­red to the company’s pre­vious al­pha-nu­me­ric cam­pai­gns. In ad­di­tion, QDEGA pro­vi­ded a cli­ent-fa­cing da­sh­board to eva­luate and ana­lyze the on­go­ing cam­paign in real-time. This al­lows brand ma­na­gers to ad­apt their me­dia stra­tegy much more ra­pidly and and ef­fi­ci­ently than with tra­di­tio­nal mar­ket re­se­arch data.

Loyalty: Hausmann’s Restaurant (SME)

Hausmann’s is a small re­stau­rant in Co­lo­gne, Ger­many with about 15 seats, ser­ving only lunch. As most small hos­pi­ta­lity busi­nes­ses, Hausmann’s re­lies stron­gly on its re­gu­lar custo­mers. Of course the most cru­cial way of buil­ding a loyal fol­lo­wing is to serve great food but with strong and di­verse com­pe­ti­tion, Hausmann’s wan­ted to of­fer its custo­mers so­me­thing extra.


The in­itial choice was a tra­di­tio­nal stamp card that gran­ted guests a free meal on every 10th vi­sit. For the young and tech savvy crowd, usually vi­si­ting the re­stau­rant, this con­cept was only a par­tial suc­cess. Many pa­trons re­gu­larly lost their stamp cards or for­got to pre­sent it to their wai­ter be­fore rus­hing back to their workplace.


QDEGA’s loyalty pro­gram pro­vi­ded a simple and ef­fec­tive so­lu­tion for Hausmann’s: Ra­ther than is­suing stamp cards, the re­stau­rant star­ted pla­cing dis­plays with QR codes on each ta­ble. The guests were ac­tively in­vi­ted to down­load the QDEGA app to their mo­bile de­vices and scan the QR codes to collect loyalty points. The ta­ble dis­plays pro­vi­ded an on­go­ing re­min­der of the loyalty pro­gram and guests could scan the QR codes at their own con­ve­ni­ence while ha­ving lunch.