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Why become a Partner?

QDEGA Loyalty So­lu­ti­ons GmbH is a Ger­man com­pany in­cor­po­ra­ted in Co­lo­gne, Ger­many in 2012. We de­sign, create and dis­tri­bute soft­ware with a strong fo­cus on cust­o­mer loyalty re­wards so­lu­ti­ons. Our cli­ents are mainly ow­ner-ope­ra­ted small to me­dium size busi­nes­ses in the re­tail and hos­pi­ta­lity sec­tors. As our sa­les part­ner, you will not only pro­fit from our in­no­va­tive soft­ware so­lu­ti­ons and our mar­ket ex­pe­ri­ence but also from our out­stan­ding re­ve­nue-share mo­del.

Your 3 big­gest ad­van­ta­ges at a glance:

Market Size & Access

There are li­te­r­ally mil­li­ons lo­cal re­tail and hos­pi­ta­lity busi­nes­ses around the world who can pro­fit from our soft­ware so­lu­ti­ons (in Ger­many alone, there around 500.000). The overw­hel­ming ma­jo­rity of these busi­nes­ses are ow­ner-ope­ra­ted, mea­ning that the de­ci­sion ma­kers are easy to con­tact via phone or by sim­ply vi­sit­ing them at their re­spec­tive busi­nes­ses.

Entrepreneurial Work

As a QDEGA sa­les part­ner you are your own boss and work on your own terms – whe­ne­ver and whe­re­ver you see fit. You are free to ma­nage your time and ac­tivi­ties howe­ver it suits you. For ex­am­ple, you can use your weekly shop­ping trip to the mall or your lunch break at a lo­cal re­stau­rant to speak to po­ten­tial cli­ents.

Outstanding Revenue-Share

– You re­ceive con­ti­nuous, on­go­ing re­ve­nue shares – month by month, year by year.


– Whe­ne­ver you bring new sa­les part­ners on board, you will per­man­ently pro­fit from their on­go­ing sa­les ac­tivi­ties. Whe­ther or not you con­ti­nue ma­king any di­rect sa­les to cli­ents or not.


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Product Details

Our di­gi­tal cust­o­mer card is a com­pre­hen­sive cust­o­mer loyalty so­lu­tion for our cli­ents. It can be used to is­sue loyalty re­ward points, con­duct pay­ments and grant cash-back dis­counts to our client’s cust­o­m­ers. All from a se­cure and easy to use smart­phone ap­p­li­ca­tion. Our client’s cust­o­m­ers can eit­her use a phy­si­cal cust­o­mer card or a se­pa­rate smart­phone ap­p­li­ca­tion, which can both be bran­ded for the in­di­vi­dual cli­ent.

Business Model

Revenue Quotas

Trans­pa­rency towards our cli­ents, our client’s cust­o­m­ers and towards our sa­les agents is ex­tre­mely im­port­ant to us. So we don’t want to make a se­cret of our re­ve­nue quo­tas but sim­ply want to share them with you right here. You will re­ceive an on­go­ing re­ve­nue share of 20% from all di­rect sa­les you make. Fur­ther­more, you will re­ceive an on­go­ing re­ve­nue share of 10% from the sa­les of all ad­di­tio­nal part­ners you bring on board. Last but not least you will re­ceive an on­go­ing re­ve­nue share of 5% from all sa­les that your part­ners’ part­ners ge­ne­rate.

Long Term Success

On­go­ing re­ve­nue share me­ans that you will con­ti­nue to re­ceive your re­ve­nue shares for as long as a re­spec­tive cli­ent con­ti­nues their con­tract with us. The mi­ni­mum con­tract du­ra­tion is 1 year but most cli­ents stay with us far lon­ger than that.

Monthly Income

Most of our cli­ents use our sys­tem via our monthly sub­scrip­tion mo­del. This me­ans they pay us on a monthly ba­sis. In turn, you also re­ceive your re­ve­nue shares on monthly ba­sis which pro­vi­des you with a steady and pre­dic­ta­ble stream of in­come over the ent­ire con­tract du­ra­tion of a gi­ven cust­o­mer.

Partner Acquisition

Whe­ne­ver you bring ad­di­tio­nal sa­les part­ners on board you will re­ceive a per­ma­nent share in all the sa­les re­ve­nue these part­ners ge­ne­rate. The same goes for all ad­di­tio­nal part­ners that any of your part­ners bring on board. So your per­so­nal in­come con­ti­nues to grow with every new sa­les part­ner you or any of your part­ners ac­quire.

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Get in touch with us now wi­thout any ob­li­ga­ti­ons to dis­cuss any and all fur­ther ques­ti­ons your may have. We’re loo­king for­ward to hea­ring from you!


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