Information for Sales Partners

Why become a Partner?

QDEGA Loyalty Solutions GmbH is a German company incorporated in Cologne, Germany in 2012. We design, create and distribute software with a strong focus on customer loyalty rewards solutions. Our clients are mainly owner-operated small to medium size businesses in the retail and hospitality sectors. As our sales partner, you will not only profit from our innovative software solutions and our market experience but also from our outstanding revenue-share model.

Your 3 biggest advantages at a glance:

Market Size & Access

There are literally millions local retail and hospitality businesses around the world who can profit from our software solutions (in Germany alone, there around 500.000). The overwhelming majority of these businesses are owner-operated, meaning that the decision makers are easy to contact via phone or by simply visiting them at their respective businesses.

Entrepreneurial Work

As a QDEGA sales partner you are your own boss and work on your own terms – whenever and wherever you see fit. You are free to manage your time and activities however it suits you. For example, you can use your weekly shopping trip to the mall or your lunch break at a local restaurant to speak to potential clients.

Outstanding Revenue-Share

– You receive continuous, ongoing revenue shares – month by month, year by year.


– Whenever you bring new sales partners on board, you will permanently profit from their ongoing sales activities. Whether or not you continue making any direct sales to clients or not.


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Product Details

Our digital customer card is a comprehensive customer loyalty solution for our clients. It can be used to issue loyalty reward points, conduct payments and grant cash-back discounts to our client’s customers. All from a secure and easy to use smartphone application. Our client’s customers can either use a physical customer card or a separate smartphone application, which can both be branded for the individual client.

Business Model

Revenue Quotas

Transparency towards our clients, our client’s customers and towards our sales agents is extremely important to us. So we don’t want to make a secret of our revenue quotas but simply want to share them with you right here. You will receive an ongoing revenue share of 20% from all direct sales you make. Furthermore, you will receive an ongoing revenue share of 10% from the sales of all additional partners you bring on board. Last but not least you will receive an ongoing revenue share of 5% from all sales that your partners’ partners generate.

Long Term Success

Ongoing revenue share means that you will continue to receive your revenue shares for as long as a respective client continues their contract with us. The minimum contract duration is 1 year but most clients stay with us far longer than that.

Monthly Income

Most of our clients use our system via our monthly subscription model. This means they pay us on a monthly basis. In turn, you also receive your revenue shares on monthly basis which provides you with a steady and predictable stream of income over the entire contract duration of a given customer.

Partner Acquisition

Whenever you bring additional sales partners on board you will receive a permanent share in all the sales revenue these partners generate. The same goes for all additional partners that any of your partners bring on board. So your personal income continues to grow with every new sales partner you or any of your partners acquire.

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