Loyalty is at the heart of any mu­tually be­ne­fi­cial re­la­ti­onship. This is true in per­sonal life as well as in B2C re­la­ti­ons­hips. QDEGA pro­vides the mar­ke­ting tools to ana­lyze, nur­ture and streng­then the bond bet­ween busi­nesses and their cust­o­mers.


So­me­times you want to give your cust­o­mers a little extra. Maybe you want to get the word out about so­me­thing new or you want to re-ignite the buzz. We pro­vide the right tools to rub your cust­o­mers the right way and create las­ting en­ga­ge­ment.


Let’s face it. At the end of a suc­cessful tran­sac­tion there has to be a mo­ne­tary ex­ch­ange. The ques­tion is how this tran­sac­tion is fa­ci­li­tated. QDEGA lets you ac­cept your mo­bile pay­ments – safe, straight out of the box and highly cust­o­miz­able.


The key to lasting relationships.


Fields of use


QDEGA enables brands to con­duct loyalty re­ward cam­paigns, pro­mo­tions, and sweep­stakes. We ge­ne­rally pro­vide the brand with the entire ba­ckend in­fra­struc­ture to de­ploy, run and ana­lyze these ac­tivi­ties. If re­quired we can in­te­grate our ser­vices into exis­ting ser­vices, such as mo­bile apps, web­sites or on­line shops to create a smooth and seam­less ex­pe­ri­ence for the con­sumer.

Retail & Hospitality

QDEGA pro­vides card- and smart­phone-based pay­ment and loyalty re­wards so­lu­tions for re­tailers and hos­pi­ta­lity busi­nesses. Our ser­vices can be in­te­grated and de­ployed much more ra­pidly and at a frac­tion of the cost of con­ven­tional sys­tems. Fur­ther­more, we ge­ne­rally do not charge our cust­o­mers any tran­sac­tion fees, which makes our ser­vices much more cost-ef­fi­cient to ope­rate.

Custom Solutions

Our so­lu­tions as well as our com­pany itself is ex­tre­mely fle­xible. We love working to­ge­ther with our cli­ents to cust­o­mize our exis­ting ser­vices to fit the spe­cific needs of your busi­ness. Ex­amples of cust­o­mized so­lu­tions in­clude ac­cess ma­nage­ment for events or in­te­gra­tions into POS sys­tems and on­line shop­ping sys­tems.

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Creating awareness and sales.

How we work


We be­lieve that mar­ke­ting has to un­dergo a con­ti­nuous in­no­va­tion cycle to re­main re­le­vant and ef­fec­tive. We prac­tice this be­lieve every day and con­stantly create new mar­ke­ting so­lu­tions that our part­ners and cli­ents can fle­xibly com­bine and cust­o­mize.


QDEGA eli­mi­nates the guess work in your mar­ke­ting. All our pro­ducts and ser­vices are de­si­gned to create deep cust­omer in­sights and pro­vide ab­so­lute trans­pa­rency for our cli­ents.


Any given in­vest­ment has to yield a po­si­tive re­turn. Pre­dic­ting the ROI in mar­ke­ting however, has al­ways been a bit fuzzy. Our so­lu­tions are in­na­tely de­si­gned to make the plan­ning, exe­cu­tion and ana­lysis of your cam­paigns fully trans­pa­rent.


We pro­vide a number of rea­dily avail­able loyalty, pro­mo­tion and pay­ment so­lu­tions. These mo­dules can be freely com­bined with one ano­ther, cust­o­mized and ea­sily in­te­grated into exis­ting client-side mo­bile apps and web­sites.

Mobile Payments.

Increasing revenue and cash-flow.